C&W expands its property management team

Michal Esner is new Centers Manager in Galerie Fenix
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Michal Ešner, Pavel Heidenreich, Lucie Izáková and Kateřina Matoušová have joined Cushman & Wakefield’s Property Management Team. The company has taken more employees on board in connection with the recent new instruction at the Galerie Fenix shopping centre in Prague.

Michal Esner (32) is joining as the shopping centre manager. He joins from Multi Mall Management Czech Republic where he worked as a marketing manager for the Forum Usti nad Labem shopping centre (from 2010). Prior to that he focused on marketing and international trade at CWS, and as a student he worked at the Nassauische Sparkasse savings bank in Germany.
In his spare time, Michal Esner plays tennis as well as various other sports and is interested in photography and information technologies.

Pavel Heidenreich (51) is joining as the technical manager. He has many years of experience as a facility manager at Fameo, Johnson Controls International and Optimal Praha where he worked on many important projects. Pavel Heidenreich is fond of history, literature and hiking.

The team assistant is Lucie Izakova who, just as Pavel Heidenreich, is coming to Cushman & Wakefield from CBRE Property and Asset Management. Lucie Izakova has many years of experience as an assistant and office manager under her belt. Since 1990 she has worked for companies including Elvia Pro, Zdrave obouvani and Kodak Express. Her hobbies include history and the history of architecture in particular.

Joining from iCom Vision Holding, Katerina Matousova is the team’s finance administrator. In previous years, she worked in assistant positions at Reutax and Defend Central Europe, among others. Her hobbies include art, literature and film.