ALO Diamonds

ALO Dimaonds
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The Challenge

The main challenge was finding a suitable tenant for Magic Child unit within Palladium, where previous tenant was not performing well and intended to leave the project. Cushman & Wakefield team was appointed to find a replacement for Magic Child unit who would be able to use the huge frontage and atypical shape of unit for its presentation. 

The Solution

Cushman & Wakefield presented the opportunity to many potential retailers who were interested in the project already for a long time. In the end, 2 subjects were chosen and Cushman & Wakefiled negotiated the best possible conditions with ALO Diamonds. 

The Results

ALO Diamonds opened its worldwide known flagship store concept with a unique design in the best performing shopping center in the Czech Republic with the perfect fit for the location and shopping destination. 


Jan Voslar

Jan Voslář


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