Vodafone - Prague HQ Relocation (16,300 sq m)

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The Challenge

Vodafone asked Cushman & Wakefield to evaluate the possibility of relocating their Prague HQ from an old, inefficient but cheap property to a turn-key A-class development. The project commenced in 2010 (four and a half years prior to the expiry of the current lease) in order to provide enough time for the selection process and potential construction.

The Solution

Cushman & Wakefield has identified two suitable projects (out of an initial 42) and performed a thorough comparison process to select the winning developer and property. All calculations have been done based on the technical specification prepared by Cushman & Wakefield and Vodafone.

The Results

Our negotiation and advisory expertise enabled Vodafone to relocate from a cheap but obsolescent property to a purpose built, A-Class and LEED Silver certified property, as well as ensuring critical savings on service charges and media costs. The construction of the new HQ commenced in Q1 2012 and Vodafone will relocate during 2014.


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